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Is art a purely private quest for whatever the artist may have in mind (beauty? serenity? an undefined and maybe undefinable search, without predefined target you can aim for? a kind of non-verbal truth?)?
Is it a form of commitment or "engagement"? So that being an artist would mean you are 
engagé [committed], whether you want to or not?
Can art even play, at times, a didactic, illuminating role in society? Can it enlighten (a) the artist engaged in the process of producing art, or (b) the individual "open"  to a work of art or (c) perhaps both?

ART IN SOCIETY is a project that was started because of a belief in the necessity of a democratic culture. Perhaps it can become a platform for debate. A democratic art journal for its readers and by its readers.

Contributions and criticism by our readers, as well as suggestions for vital topics are welcome.

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links focusing on 
the visual arts
(artists,museums, galleries)

documenta 11:
democracy unrealized

Angelo Evelyn

Ute Haring (London)

Leopold Oosterlynck

De Witte Raaf

Kunst H-Art

H8X12 Space for Contemporary
Art (Tielt-Winge / Leuven)

CIAP Hasselt

De Markten, Brussel

Galerie Triangle Bleu

Musée d'Art Moderne
Brussel / Bruxelles

Musée des Arts
Grand Hornu

Centre de la gravure
La Louvière

Museum Boijmans van
Beuningen, Rotterdam

Atelierhaus Essen-Steele
(in Essen, "cultural capital"

links focusing on 
literature and society

15 libros de poesía crítica, gratis y completos (Rebelión website) )


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(ISSN 0231-6714)

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Street Voice



Weimarer Beiträge

Wespennest / Zeitschrift
für brauchbare Texte und Bilder

Xia chao (China Tide)

links focusing on society, economy, politics

Actuel Marx
(ISSN 0994-4524)

[Das] Argument: Zeitschrift für Philosophie Und Sozialwissenschaften 
(ISSN 0004-1157)

Blätter für deutsche und
internationale Politik


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(ISSN 0170-4613)

Triunfo (digital)
On Triunfo

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(ISSN SN: 1420-0945)

Z magazine

Z Net

Z. Zeitschrift Marxistische Erneuerung
(ISSN 0940-0648)

G. Fülberth/M.R.Kraetke, 
9 Fragen zum Kapitalismus

links focusing on 

Bimbotown Orchestra

Konrad Boehmer

Earle Brown

John Cage

Cornelius Cardew

Bob Dylan

Morton Feldman

Gerald Fiebig

Peter Kiefer

Anthony Moore [or More]

more on A.Moore

still more on A. Moore

Baudouin Oosterlynck

Gunter Pasler

Carlos Puebla

M. Ranta, "Klangzeiten"

Michael Ranta

F. Rzewski: "Coming
Together", "Attica"...

F.R.:"Cotton Mill Blues"

F.R.: El pueblo unido

Frederic Rzewski

Ole Schmidt

Dieter Schnebel

Dimitri Shostakovich

more on Dmitry Sh.

still more on Dmitry

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Timo Van Luijk

Christian Wolff

Koelner Musiknacht

Forum Zeitgenoessische
Musik Leipzig


Verlag Neue Musik

classical music

links focusing on 

Massimo Bacigalupo

Pavel Branko

Sara Driver

Stephen Dwoskin

Danièle Huillet & Jean-
Marie Straub

Robert Kramer

again R.Kramer

Karin Mels

Werner Nekes

W. Nekes & Dore O.

Dore O.

Dore, KVG

On "Alaska" by Dore O.

Paul Sharits

Klaus Wiborny

Cahiers du Cinéma


Yinxiang Magazine

Adriano Aprà

Adriano Aprà. Carmelo Bene oltre lo schermo (1)

Bianco e nero

Cinema & Film

Ombre elettriche

La cinema indipendente

Canyon Cinema, Inc.

NY Filmmakers Coop

Symposium Press

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Latest issue / laatste cahier / letztes Heft:

Issue # 16: commemorating Danièle Huillet, focusing on films by her and Jean-Marie Straub, and featuring other artists and writers. (A lot is in German, this time.)

Other issues:

Issue # 15: featuring articles on the theater, art from Pakistan, Germany and Canada, and on the deconstructivist artist Doris Schöttler-Boll (1945-2015).

Issue # 14: a special issue, in commemoration of a war that was recklessly begun in August 1914, and in opposition to those who start and wage wars today. Artists cannot remain neutral, we think. Peace matters, as does justice, free equality and equal freedom, and the emancipation of mankind.

Issue # 13: featuring Pavel Branko on the "microdramaturgy of documentarism," a tribute in memory of Tony Morgan, thoughts about Minimalist Art and about recent works by Luc Piron, and - last not least - reflections on installations and sculptures by Urs Jaeggi.

Issue # 12: an issue focusing on Huang Yu-Shan, a feminist Chinese filmmaker working in Taiwan, and on a film by Werner Nekes...  [In English, auf Deutsch]

Issue # 11:  with a short text on a cherished 'bard of the people', Bob Dylan who'll be 70 soon. With articles about contemporary Belgian composers and sound artists, three texts on two works by Dieter Schnebel, and a look at paintings by Luc Coeckelberghs. And, in memory of Pina Bausch: a review of a dance performance of the Pina Bausch dance theatre, seen years ago in Wuppertal.

Issue # 10: an issue mainly about sculpture. The Giacometti Retrospective in Rotterdam; Zadkine; Alfred Hrdlicka; Jochen Gerz. Also three Belgian sculptors - Vincent Halflants, Anne-Marie Klenes and Jean Georges Massart

Issue # 9: An issue on commodification, fetishization, questions of hegemony and censorship in the arts

Issue # 8: 5 Belgian artists: Luc Coeckelberghs, Leen Lybeer, Vincent Halflants, Els Patoor, Luc Piron, Francis Schmetz. Also: Baudouin Oosterlynk, sound artist and experimental composer. Karin Mels, a filmmaker from Ghent. recent paintings by Angelo Evelyn, and a look back at the SPEELHOVEN exhibitions (works by Delphine Coindret, Johann Creten, Lionel Estère, Alain Géronnez, Joris Ghekiere and Jenny Watson).

Issue # 7: A Belgian minimalist: Luc Piron. - The "Atelierhaus Essen": a vital place of debate on contemporary art in the Ruhr district. - Happenings and Political Intervention: The Invention of "Clown Armies"

Issue # 6: "Calling Indonesia", A special issue on the sculptures of Borobudur, on Wim Umboh, a progressive Indonesian filmmaker; etc.

Issue # 5: Focus on Sara Driver's "Sleepwalk", and on paintings and other works by Ute Haring (London, New York, and Leipzig)

Issue # 4: Special Figurenfeld issue: How three visual artists from Belgium, Canada and Germany and a poet echoed the large ensemble of sculptures by Alois Wünsche-Mitterecker (an example of anti-war "land art"  avant la lettre in a hidden valley of the Franconian Jura mountains).

Issue # 3  A retropective look at Yugoslav cinema, by Pavel Branko and Wolfram Schuette; cinéma engagé in Mexico in the early 1970s; the "Hamburg Filmschau" in the early '70s (films by Malcolm Le Grice, Werner Nekes, Dore O. and Klaus Wiborny). And last not least: Censorship in the U.S.? - The case of Fahrenheit 9/11

Issue # 2 Pavel Branko and Andreas Weiland on documentary film. A Canadian expatriate artist: Angelo Evelyn. Three realists: Gerhard Bettermann, Klaus Boettger, Ernest Spitz

Issue # 1 Art in the Middle East: Haddad Maurice, Saad el Girgawi, etc.

Issue # Zero Theoretical interventions by Magdi Youssef: challenging the myth of "European literature", questioning the hegemonial model of theater, and arguing in favor of a democratization of the theater. 


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